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Customize Your Own Nike Shoes

Don’t know what to do in Sunday morning? What about customize your own Nike shoes online? You are given a chance to buy the custom Nike shoes made by you if the design is satisfied. Everything can be done online within a few clicks and the shoes will be delivered to your house within 2 to 4 weeks. Customize a Nike shoes online is easy and simple. There is no need to get your jacket and run to the nearest NikeiD Studio to do it. It is unnecessary to queue up in front of the kioks and join the crowd at Nike store.

Custom Nike Shoes Air Max

The steps to build a pair of inimitable Nike shoes are almost similar to how you create your own Jordan shoes. Things can be done within minutes but it could take up to few hours just to get the right design. Now follow these steps by steps guide to design your own Nike shoes that reflect your character and personality.

Step 1: First of all, go to You will be redirect to Nike US if you access this link from the United States. As for UK users, you will be redirect to Nike UK. There won’t be any problem if you access this URL from iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or any Android phones or tablets.

Step 2: Under NIKEiD Products, select Shoes under Category. You will see a list of popular NikeiD shoes appear at this page. They can be sorted by featured, newest, highest rated, or by price. Look for the shoe you want to customize according to Women, Men, or kids. Click on the shoe you want to start customizing it to begin. You may try Nike Magista iD, Nike Roshe Run Premium iD, Nike Free 5.0 iD, or Nike Air Max.

customize Nike shoes

Step 3: A sample shoe of the model you select in step 2 will be appeared in this page. Click on it to start customizing. There will be a control panel appear on your left once you click Start. Use it to select the color, material, pattern, and other special features on your shoe. The sample shoe will change accordingly every time you click on a color or material. Select the best color for midsole, lining, laces, outsold, tongue iD, and another other part of the shoes.

Step 4: Use the 360 degree viewer to view the custom shoe. Under the Size tab, select the gender, size, width, and quantity. Click on the orange ADD TO CART button if you would like to proceed and buy this shoe. It is free to customize your own Nike shoes if you don’t plan to buy it with Nike. Notice there is a camera icon below the sample shoe? You can take a snapshot of the shoe and save the image to your computer or share it with your friends.

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Tips to customize your own Nike shoes: Access to the gallery offered by NikeiD. There are thousands of custom Nike shoes and they are the best thing to give you great inspiration.

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Create Your Own Jordan Shoes Online

In this “everyone is online” world, you can create your own Jordan shoes online for free. Everyone is given a chance to create a pair of custom Michael Jordan shoes at zero cost as long as you are connected to the internet. Hence, if you are hunger for a pair of custom Air Jordan or any shoes in Michael Jordan collections, you should connect to the internet and follow these steps to customize your own Jordan shoes now.

There is no limit to design your own Jordan shoes. The excitement surrounding custom Jordan shoes is palpable. You can design as much pair as you want because it is free. You will only need to pay if you decide to ask Nike to build the shoe for you according to your design. So, you are the designer of your own shoes, isn’t it cool? There will be a list of things to do before you are able to place an order with Nike. Are you ready?

Step 1: Access to Nike official website at Select your language and country among US, Canada, UK, Australia, and others. Now click on the Jumpman logo on the top banner. You will be redirected to a page full with Michael Jordan-related merchandise such as Air Jordan shoes, clothing, accessories and gear.

Customize Jordan shoes

Step 2: Click on the Custom button and then Customize with NIKEiD. For those who use iPhone, iPad, Android phones, or any Android tablet, you will have to tap on the + sign and then tap on the Customize with NIKEiD button to enter the page.

Step 3: In NIKEiD page, click on Jordan under collections. At this page, you will see a list of Jordan shoes. Every shoe can be customized as long as you are in love with them. Jordan 11, Jordan 5, Jordan Spizikie iD, Air Jordan Alpha, Jordan CP3, and many others are available in this page. Pick on that you want to customize to continue.

custom Jordan shoes

Step 4: This is the most exciting step because you will be able to put your on design on the shoe. Click on the sample shoe to start customizing the shoe. There will be a color panel on your left. From there, you can select your prefer color or pattern on each part of the shoe including base, strap, strap accent, lace, eyelets, lining, midsole, midsole topline, and outsole.

custom Jordan shoes
Custom Jordan Shoes by

Step 5: Lastly, enter your personal id as well as heel id. Almost all Jordan shoes come with at least a personal id but not every Jordan shoe has an option to put heel id. Some shoes such as the Jordan Spizike iD give you an option to put your personal id as well as heel id.

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The holiday is coming, so why not take some time to create your Jordan shoes online? Nothing is better than a pair of custom Jordan shoes that has your name on it!