Customize Your Own Reebok Shoes

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Do you know that you can customize your own Reebok shoes for running, crossfit, yoga, classics, training, dancing, and walking? For those who used to design your own Converse sneakers may find it easy to design your own Reebok shoes online because the steps are almost similar. On the other hand, people who never do this before may have a lot of questions regarding custom Reebok Nano 3.0, Reebok classics, Reebok pumps, and other Reebok shoes. Let’s forget about all those questions you have in your mind because it won’t be hard to create your own Reebok shoes with the technology we have today. You can customize your own Reebok Nano 3.0 or Reebok pumps within 10 minutes. All you need to is a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, or any Android phones or tablets that is capable to connect to the internet.

How to Customize Your Own Reebok Shoes

Before you begin, empty your mind. Let all the creativity and inspiration come so that you can create a pair of very unique and special Reebok shoes. Ready? Then go!

It is quite hard to find “Design Your Own Reebok” page if you direct access to Hence, you can open a web browser and access to

Step 1: At “Design Your Own Reebok” page, you will usually see the number of available products. A list of customizable Reebok shoes will be displayed at this page. There are a few options to filter the result, for instance, running, crossfit, classics, training, walking, Nano 4.0, and more. Filter those unwanted and the result will show only those you prefer.

Step 2: Select the shoes you want to customize and click on it to enter the design page. Reebok RealFlex Transition 4.0, CrossFit Lifter 2.0, TruTraction Thrill, All Terrain Super, Classic Leather Low, Women’s Zigkick, Women’s Skyscape Runaround, and Preschool ZQuick are a few notable custom Reebok shoes.

design your own Reebok shoes

Step 3: Once you select which shoes you want to customize, you have an option to use an existing design or start your design from scratch. It is recommended to start from scratch so that you can make your own Reebok shoes matchless.

Step 4: Now click on the Customize and select your shoe size to begin. A color panel will appear on your left and you can select any colors you want for the main, sole, top, and back of the shoes. For top, you need to select your preferred color for tongue, laces, lace loop, lining, and sockliner. It will be good to check out your wardrobe and see what the common colors you have then you can have an idea to customize your own Reebok shoes.

customize your own Reebok Shoes

Step 5: Neon yellow, candy pink, porcelain, flat grey, excellent red, impact blue, fight blue, blue blink, sonic green, flux orange, stinger yellow, ultima purple, and electro pink are a few common colors you can find in Reebok’s Customize Your Own page.

custom Reebok shoes

Step 6: Use the preview functions to preview your shoe as many times as you want. Use the Save function to save your design and you can always create another design again and again until you come out with one design that satisfies you. Instead, you can also use the BUY IT NOW button to order the shoe with Reebok. Reebok will custom builds the shoe according to your design and deliver it to your doorstep within 2-4 weeks.

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Design Your Own Kobe Bryant Shoes

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If you want to a pair of unique shoe that no one else has it, build it yourself. You can design your own Kobe Bryant shoes online and place an order with Nike. Nike will custom build the shoe according to your design and deliver to your door step within two to three weeks. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes with no special computer knowledge needed. You can do this easily as long as you have a Mac, smart phone, tablet, iPad, or any computer.  Play a song from your computer now and follow the tutorial below to customize a pair of Kobe Bryant shoes that you have been dreaming of.

Step 1: Go to NIKE official website and access to NIKEiD page. Look for basketball shoes and select Korb Bryant shoes among Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Instead, you can click on this link to access to the page instantly.

Kobe Bryant shoe

Step 2: Pick the type of Kobe Bryant shoe you would like to put your own design on it. Kobe 9 Elite Low iD and Kobe 9 iD are both the most popular Kobe Bryant shoes in the market today. Both of them cost at least $200 dollars each. Click on the shoe and then click on the START CUSTOMIZING button to begin your design.

Step 3: There will be a huge sample shoe in front of you. Notice there is a color panel on your right. The color panel comes with steps where it leads you to select the style, color, and pattern for each part of the shoe. Alternatively, you can click on one part of the sample shoe you want to customize and then select the preferred color from the color panel.

Step 4: The sample shoe will change according to what you select. It may take a little time to load the new image if your internet connection is slow. Continue to design your own Kobe Bryant shoes online by going through the upper part, tongue, swoosh, lining, lace, backtab, heel overlay, midsole, and outsole.


Step 5: There is an option to put your own iD on the shoe. You can put whatever iD you want at the maximum of 8 characters. View the shoe again and again with the 360 degree viewer features.

Step 6: Click on the ADD TO CART button if you are satisfied with your design and would like to buy it with NIKE. Otherwise, repeat step 1 to customize your own Kobe Bryant shoes again until you are satisfied.


Check out how to design your own basketball shoes if you want to try something electrifying such as create your own Jordan shoes online. If you have placed an order with Nike, wait for at 2-3 weeks and you should be able to receive your Kobe Bryant shoes. After that you can try to do a karate jump over first row like Kobe!