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Design Your Own Kobe Bryant Shoes

If you want to a pair of unique shoe that no one else has it, build it yourself. You can design your own Kobe Bryant shoes online and place an order with Nike. Nike will custom build the shoe according to your design and deliver to your door step within two to three weeks. The entire process takes less than 15 minutes with no special computer knowledge needed. You can do this easily as long as you have a Mac, smart phone, tablet, iPad, or any computer.  Play a song from your computer now and follow the tutorial below to customize a pair of Kobe Bryant shoes that you have been dreaming of.

Step 1: Go to NIKE official website and access to NIKEiD page. Look for basketball shoes and select Korb Bryant shoes among Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Instead, you can click on this link to access to the page instantly.

Kobe Bryant shoe

Step 2: Pick the type of Kobe Bryant shoe you would like to put your own design on it. Kobe 9 Elite Low iD and Kobe 9 iD are both the most popular Kobe Bryant shoes in the market today. Both of them cost at least $200 dollars each. Click on the shoe and then click on the START CUSTOMIZING button to begin your design.

Step 3: There will be a huge sample shoe in front of you. Notice there is a color panel on your right. The color panel comes with steps where it leads you to select the style, color, and pattern for each part of the shoe. Alternatively, you can click on one part of the sample shoe you want to customize and then select the preferred color from the color panel.

Step 4: The sample shoe will change according to what you select. It may take a little time to load the new image if your internet connection is slow. Continue to design your own Kobe Bryant shoes online by going through the upper part, tongue, swoosh, lining, lace, backtab, heel overlay, midsole, and outsole.


Step 5: There is an option to put your own iD on the shoe. You can put whatever iD you want at the maximum of 8 characters. View the shoe again and again with the 360 degree viewer features.

Step 6: Click on the ADD TO CART button if you are satisfied with your design and would like to buy it with NIKE. Otherwise, repeat step 1 to customize your own Kobe Bryant shoes again until you are satisfied.


Check out how to design your own basketball shoes if you want to try something electrifying such as create your own Jordan shoes online. If you have placed an order with Nike, wait for at 2-3 weeks and you should be able to receive your Kobe Bryant shoes. After that you can try to do a karate jump over first row like Kobe!

Customize Your Own LeBron James Shoes

Online is always the best place to shop for LeBron James shoes. This is because you can find your dream basketball shoes through the internet easily without going out from your house. By using a computer or a smart phone, you can compare, shop, and buy your desired LeBron James shoes with discount code. It helps to save a lot of money just like how you buy shoes from DSW Shoe Store. On the other hand, you can also customize your own LeBron James shoes in any way you prefer if you can’t find the perfect shoes that match your foot.

A custom LeBron James shoe does not cost a lot extra compared to those ready made shoes such as the Nike LeBron 12. A pair of normal LeBron 12 men’s basketball shoe cost $200 and you can get a custom LeBron 12 iD for $245. Money is not the problem because you will have a truly unique shoe that no one else has it. Now open up your mind and follow the tutorial here to design your own LeBron James shoes.

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Step 1: Click on this link to go to LeBron James iD page in Nike official website. It is a pinch if you want to find LeBron James footwear page from Look for those shoes that tagged with the logo “CUSTOMIZE IT”. There are at least a few available for you to select. Click on the shoe you would like to design and buy.

customize LeBron James shoes

Step 2: Click on the START CUSTOMIZING button to begin second step. There is a sample shoe on your left and a color panel on your right. You can begin to customize your own shoes by clicking on the sample shoe and then select the color you want on that particular part. The sample shoe changes according to what you select on the color panel.

Step 3: Continue to customize your own LeBron James shoes by going through each part of the shoe, for instances, select your preferred color for posite, lace, flywire, lining, lateral swoosh, medial swoosh, midsole, outsole shank, and more.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with the color, personalize your shoe with short iD, long iD, long/short PID, or leave it blank. Use the viewer function to view the shoe again and again. Edit it until you are satisfied with the design. You have an option to add speckle to the posite of the shoe if you are doing this on a LeBron 12 iD.

Nike LeBron 12

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Step 5: You can either save the image of the shoe you design or place an order with Nike to have them customize the shoe for you. Click on the Add To Cart button and you will be redirected to the shipping and payment page. The delivery usually takes 2-3 weeks to reach your door step.

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