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Design Your Own Basketball Shoes

Have you ever thought of creating your own basketball shoes? Do you want a custom Nike basketball shoes that has your signature on it just like Michael Jordan shoes? Except Nike, you can actually have a customizable mi Adidas basketball shoes or some other well-known shoe brands such as Reebok or Converse. You may take some time to design your own basketball shoes if it is your dream to own a pair of custom basketball shoes.

Today, there are a few most popular basketball shoe brands offer their customers a brand new way to design their own basketball shoes. The official websites offer an online application where you can design a shoe in any way you want. It is free to do so and it doesn’t require any credit card or personal information. In fact, there is also an option to order the shoe and it can be delivered to your doorstep within a couple weeks.

Step 1: As mentioned, you can start your customization by choosing a brand you like, for example, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, or Converse. In this tutorial we will use Adidas as an example. Access to Adidas official website at The website will detect your country and direct you to the right page. Otherwise, you can select a country or region at the bottom of the page. Move your mouse to the “Customize” button on top bar and then select either Men’s mi adidas basketball or Women’s mi adidas basketball.

custom basketball shoes

Step 2: Pick one shoe you want to customize among all the products. For example, Adidas Basketball mi Crazy Fast, Adidas Basketball mi D Rose, Adidas Basketball mi X-Hale, or Adidas Basketball mi adipure Crazyquick. Click on the want you want to customize.

custom Adidas shoes

Step 3: There will be a sample shoe appear on this page. Unlike customize your own Jordan shoes online, you will see a basketball court image is used as the background. It looks really cool with someone shooting a 3-point shot. There is also a panel on your left for you to pick your preferred color, pattern, material, and style. Start customizing the shoe by putting your own design on the base, toe cap, stripes, toe cap print, lining, eyelets, tongue top, laces, midsole, outsole, heel cap, heel strap, and collar. Basically, you can customize anything you want on every part of the shoe.

custom Adidas basketball shoes

Step 4: Lastly, it is a must to personalize the shoe by putting your own name on it. You have an option not to put anything on it but what is the point? Select the size according to Adidas shoe size guideline. It is highly recommended to go to any Adidas shoe store to measure your foot size before placing your order. Measure both left and right foot to make sure the size you order is the right one. Alternatively, you can save your design as an image or share it with your friends if you don’t plan to buy it. Don’t miss this: Most expensive basketball shoes.

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Design Your Own Converse

Design your own Converse is the only way to allow you to wear a sneaker that has your own statement. It is time to wake up and make it happen if you have always been dreaming of buying a customized Converse sneaker. Basically, there are two ways to customize your own Converse sneakers. If you are living in New York City, you can walk into Converse in the Soho store located at Broadway. The size of the store will definitely impress you because it is huge and there are thousands of products on display. There is an iPad kiosk located at the “Design Your Own” zone where you can use any of the iPad to select your preferred graphics, colors, and material you want on your personalized Converse. A few preloaded catalogues are available too. On top of that, you can put your own hand-drawn designs and have them printed on your dream shoes. Prices for a pair of customized Converse sneakers range from $50 up to $90. You can place your order with any staff in the store and pick up your shoes on the same day.

Converse in the Soho store has almost everything you need to design your own sneakers but the store is super packed and there are a lot of tourists especially during holiday season. To avoid the crowd, you have an option to design your own Converse online. This is the best way for people who live few thousand miles away from a Converse store. Here are few easy steps to design your own Converse sneakers online.

Step 1: Go to Converse official online store at Click CUSTOM on the top bar and then “Design Your Own”. You will be lead to a page full with Converse blank canvas within seconds.

design your own Converse

Step 2: Chuck Taylor, Chuck Taylor Double Upper, Chuck Taylor Leather, Chuck Taylor Neon, DC Comics, Jack Purcell, Poorman Weapon, All Star Light, and Star Player are customizable Converse shoes. Pick one and proceed to next step.

Blank converse shoes

Step 3: Now you will see a sample shoe display in front of you. Move your mouse to the section you wish to change the color or print. Outside body, inside body, heel stripe, tongue, lining, rubber sidewall, toe bumper, toe cap, stripe, eyelet, stitch, and laces are customizable. The color of the same shoe will changed according to what you select. You can view your own design immediately using the 360 degree viewer.

customized Converse sneakers

Step 4: Next is to add your personal iD at the back of the sneaker. For Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Canvas, there is an option to place your personal iD at either low rear or heel stripe. A maximum of 10 characters is allowed.

Step 5: Continue to select the size and quantity you want then hit “Add to Cart” to place your order online with Converse. Unlike buying it from Soho Store, the estimated delivery will usually take 2 to 3 weeks.

Isn’t it so easy to design your own Converse? Follow the steps now and make one for your loved one as Christmas present. For those who want to buy cheap Converse sneakers, you can actually look for the best discount Converse sneakers from Amazon. Price starts from $27.75 for a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.