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Customize Your Own Puma Shoes Online

In this free tutorial you can learn how to customize your own Puma shoes online including Puma Suede, sneakers, soccer cleats, and soccer shoes. It is very easy to make your own Puma shoes with Puma Factory’s online program. It requires no special computer knowledge to do it because the online interface is specially created by Puma to allow you to design your own Puma shoes and buy them through the official website. You are allowed to select any preferred payment method as well as shipping process. However, if you are not planning to buy any Puma shoes but would like to design one just for fun, you can follow the step by step guide here. It is definitely a good thing to do on Friday night.

Step 1: Open your web browser and enter You will see there is a CUSTOMIZE button on the top black bar. Click on it to begin the journey to your very own Puma shoes.

Step 2: Now you will see a list of shoe style available from Puma. Select the type of style you prefer, for example, Suede, sneakers, soccer cleats, First Round, Basket, and Speed Cat.

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customize PUMA shoes

Step 3: At this page, the shoe cost will be shown on the top right. Begin your work by clicking on the DESIGN IT button after you have decided which style to go for.

Step 4: There will be a sample shoe appear at this page. The image of the sample shoe is shape and clear. The sample shoe will change each time you select a color or a pattern from the color panel. It changes according to what you select.

Step 5: Start to customize your own Puma shoes by selecting your preferred color and pattern for each part of the shoe including the accents, uppers, outsole, outsole stitching, vamp, eyestay, quarter, formstrip, collar, heel cap, laces, linings, and any other part. You will be amazed when you see the sample shoe turn into what you select. Give the program a few more seconds if it doesn’t change after you click on it. This is because the internet line might be slow when you are designing your own shoes.

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Step 6: Now use the 360 degree viewer to view the final design of yours. View the top, bottom, left, right, front, and rear of the shoe and view it as many times as you want.

customize design Puma shoes

Step 7: Click on the Add To Bag button if you are satisfied with your own design and would like to order it from Puma Factory. You will need to create an account with PUMA Factory and place your order. It usually takes not more than 2 to 3 weeks for the delivery.

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Sometimes, people talking about super cars and dreams but they seldom put it into action. Action is still the main thing. You have just learned how to customize your own Puma shoes online and it is time to take action and order one right away if you are a huge fans of PUMA.