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Shoe Carnival Website

Although there are over 370 Shoe Carnival stores across the United States, there is still a necessity to buy shoes from Shoe Carnival website because it often offers huge discounts online. A pair of $80 Nike shoes could cost only $40 if you buy it from Shoe Carnival website during sales time. That is 50% discount from the original price! The key to buy cheap shoes successfully from Shoe Carnival website is to find the right time and the right discount coupons. Two very good example of “the right time” are Thanksgiving Day and the popular Black Friday which has just passed couple days ago. If you have been to Shoe Carnival shoe store during sales season, you might have experienced the crowd and the madness of shoppers. Almost everything is worth to buy during sales period because the price is so cheap.

Well, the only way to avoid the crowd and keep you away from queue cutting is to buy it online. You can shop with the air-conditioning on and a glass of coffee beside your computer. But, do you know that Shoe Carnival website received more than a million LIKE from Facebook and other social media when it is offering discounts? It is easier to buy online but you have to be quick too! Shoe Carnival coupons are limited and it is usually not valid anymore if someone else used it before. Sometimes, stocks are limited even they are available online. It takes only 5 clicks to make a cheap basketball shoe out of stock if the online quota is restricted to 5 pairs.

Shoe Carnival Company History

Shoe Carnival was founded in 1978 by an Indiana-born entrepreneur David Russell. The company mainly focuses on footwear in its early year but its business expanded to handbags and wallets later on. Today, it has over 15 stores across the country including Louisville, Lexington, Evansville, Owensboro, Indianapolis, Elizabethtown, Wilmington, and other popular locations. Shoes for men, women, kids, as well as athletes can be found at its store.

Buying Shoes from Shoe Carnival Website

shoe carnival website

When it comes to online sales, Shoe Carnival website definitely has its own style to create exciting for its customers and employees. Just like the traditional Microphone concept, the website often creates an urgency to buy. Sales are unexpected and sometimes the discount coupons only last for an hour. Again, catch the right time is the key to win a sale.

First of all, access to Shoe Carnival official website at Start to search for what you want by selecting the shoe type. Boots, flats, loafers, heels, sneakers, boat shoes, wedding shoes, clogs, mules, sandals, slippers, basketball shoes, running shoes, or infant shoes. Besides, you can also start to hunt your shoes by selecting the brand you prefer. Nike, Skechers, New Balance, Vans, Converse, Adidas, Reebok, Sperry, and Puma are just a click away.

Shoe Carnival Website

Now you are in the catalogue page, there is no salesperson approach you and you can spend hours and hours to shop for the shoe you like. There will be a big red SALE word beside the shoe if it is on sales. Click on the shoe and the website will redirect you to a page where you can select the size or customize some colors depending on a shoe model. Click Add to Bag and then follow the procedure to check out. Apply Shoe Carnival coupons before the payment is made. Extra discounts will be given to valid coupons. Last but not least, make sure the shipping address is correct and all you have to do is waiting for a few days until the shoe arrives at your doorstep.

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Most expensive Basketball Shoes

Buying a pair of basketball shoes is a very simple process. Simply walk into any shoe store, pick the pair you want, try on the shoes and then pay the money. The basketball shoes on the list here, though, are idiosyncratic. They are not the normal basketball shoes where you can see it at any shoe store. These shoes are limited edition and only made available to real buyers. Sarcastically said, these shoes are perhaps made for collection and not for any basketball game. You can’t buy it even though you have some spare money lying around. You have to be ultra rich in order to get these awesome shoes. That’s what sets them apart and makes this list of the most expensive basketball shoes on earth.

1. Nike Air Force 1 Boogeyman – $99,000

most expensive basketball shoes

Yes, your eyesight is not hazy, the Nike Air Force 1 – Boogeyman costs $99,000 per pair. They are presently the most expensive basketball shoes on this planet. There are only two pairs were made exclusively for Andrew Boogeyman Bogut – a 7-ft Australian basketball player who currently plays for Golden State Warriors in NBA. Click here to buy Nike Shoes at Huge Discounts.

2. Original Air Jordan I – $25,000

Air Jordan I shoe

The original Air Jordan I costs $25,000 per pair, making it the second in the list. You can’t fly like Michael Jordan even though you put this shoe on. The Air Jordan I eventually had two versions – red/black design and red/black/white design. The one Michael Jordan wore was the red/black design that was banned by the NBA. Each game Michael Jordan played was fined $5,000 because the rules state that basketball shoes must have some white on them. Some white lines were added to the shoe later on. There are only 12 pairs were made and each shoes was personally signed by Michael Jordan. Do you prefer Air Jordan I or a brand new Toyota Prius if you have $25,000 lying around? Click here to buy Nike Shoes at Huge Discounts.

3. Nike Air Mag – $12,000

Nike Air Mag

Remember a futuristic high-technology shoe wore by Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) in Back to the Future in 1989? The shoe is able to perform a self-wear function with a press of a button. Thanks to the movie and Michael J. Fox, now that shoe is made available – Nike Air Mag and it costs $12,000 to own one if any or the 20 owners in the world would to sell them. Click here to buy Nike Shoes at Huge Discounts.

4. Air Jordan V – $10,000

ir Jordan V

Again, it is the Air Jordan V that ranked number four most expensive basketball shoes in the world. The design of an Air Jordan V looks clean with a clear rubber soles. It features a lace locks which allow user to strap the shoe in a simple way. Only a few pairs were made but the exact amount is unknown. There is an Air Jordan V version with a 23 at the back of the shoe but they were never sold. Click here to buy Nike Shoes at Huge Discounts.

5. Air Jordan I – $8,000

Air Jordan I

Many people are dying for the original Air Jordan I but there are only 12 pairs available in the world. Therefore, Air Jordan released another 1,200 pairs in March 1985. These 1,200 pairs were designed with metallic white and metallic silver. $8,000 is an expected price to be paid ONLY IF you can find an authentic one. Click here to buy Nike Shoes at Huge Discounts.

Some other expensive basketball shoes: Air Jordan VI ($7,200 or above), Air Jordan III ($4,500), Adidas Golden KBB Selection ($3,000), Air Jordan XI ($2,700), Nike Air Force One 4-Men ($2,500), Nike Air Force I Four Horsemen ($2,500), LeBron 9 “MVP” ($1,500), Nike Air Yeezy, Nike Paranorman Foamposite, Nike Galaxy Foamposite, Reebok Question, Nike Air Max Penny, Reebok Pump Omni, and others.