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Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

What are the best running shoes for flat feet among all the available brands and styles? There are so many types of running shoes available out there but only a few of them will make you feel really comfortable when it comes to running. It isn’t easy to find the right pair of running shoes for flat feet. Sometimes you feel comfortable when try on but it could be a mistake after you have run for a few miles on a track or on a treadmill. To avoid that disappointment, it is a must to learn how to choose the best running shoes for flat feet with good arch support.

flat feet

What type of foot do you have? The image above shows the type of footprint for three different foot types – flat foot, normal arch, and high arch. The easiest way to determine your foot type is using the wet feet test.

It is always started with your favorite brand. Unlike normal running shoes, a proper shoe for flat feet should feature a harder foam for midsole and adequate insole cushioning to provide a sufficient amount of comfort. Look for one pair that gives you the best comfort and movement control. If you have no idea of what shoes to buy, the list of best running shoes for flat feet could be a good starting point for you.

Nike Free Run+ 3

Other than smart phones, shoes can be adopted with advanced technology too. The Nike Free Run+ 3 is a pair of perfect shoes for flat feet people. Its low-profile midsole works wonderfully to reduce overall weight. This light-weight running shoe offers a barefoot feeling with a great underfoot protection. It is one of the best running shoes for flat feet women and man. Celebrities like Hilary Duff, Victoria Beckham, and Cristiano Ronaldo’s girl Irina Shayk often spotted wearing the Nike Free Run+3. Click here to buy the Nike Free Run at Cheap Price.

Nike Free Run+ 3

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Asics Gel GT-2000

“Don’t think about the start of the race. Think about the Ending.” – Usain Bolt. Asics Gel GT-2000 is an awesome running shoe that gives you an adequate amount of stability. The Dynamic DuoMax technology and a special-made cushion is purely built for mild to moderate pronators. Besides, it comes with AHAR Acronym for ASICS High Abrasion Rubber which placed in critical areas of the outsole. The cost for a pair of Asics Gel GT-2000 is only $120 and it is available in six different colors. That’s what makes it one of the most popular shoes for flat fleet runner. Click here to buy the ASICS Gel at Cheap Price.

Asics Gel GT2000

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9

Available for Men and Women with flat foot, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 is the number one choice for people who look for comfortable yet very light-weight running shoes. Thanks to the Mizuna Wave technology, the shoe gives a very good support for overpronation and also a rocking-chair-like transition from heel to toe which can’t be found else where. Except Mizuna Wave Inspire 9, Mizuno Wave Alchemy 12 and Mizuno Wave Rider 14, 15, 16 are also worth to give them a try. Click here to buy Mizuno Wave Inspire at Discount Price.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9

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Saucony Hurricane 15

In the world of flat feet, Saucony Hurricane 15 is often mentioned. The PowerGrid midsole technology from Saucony provides not just great stability but also awesome grip to runner. Place this shoe on any weighing scales and all you will see is just 0.7 pounds. This is an all-in weight and it is extremely good weight for running. Click here to buy Saucony Hurricane at SUPER Cheap price.

Saucony Hurricane 15
Saucony Hurricane 15 – one of the best running shoes for flat feet

What else? Adidas Supernova Sequence 5, Asics GT-3000, Brooks Ravenna 4, Brooks Running Vapor 10, Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13, Brooks Trance 11, Nike Lunarglide+ 4, Nike Zoom Structure Triax+ 15, and New Balance 860v3 are some other running shoes for flat feet.

Buying SAS Shoes Online

SAS shoe fans might have a hard time finding where to buy SAS shoes online because SAS do not involve in any online marketing. You may log on to SAS official website but there are no add to cart function, view cart page or page to make payment. Ever since SAS started in 1976, this family-owned brand is more or less depending on word of mouth strategy. Not to say buying online but it is quite difficult to find its stores during the 80s and early 90s. A few years ago, it is almost impossible to buy a pair of SAS shoes online but now there are a few methods to do so. Now you can even place an order online and get a huge discount when their shoes are on sales. If you are into the styles and comfort SAS offered, let’s forget about the traditional walked-in way of buying SAS shoes and you are welcome to try any of the methods below to buy online.

Where to buy SAS Shoes online?

Amazon’s SAS shoes store

Amazon’s SAS shoes store is highly recommended to purchase SAS shoes. All SAS fans know that SAS shoes are limited and this brand does not offer many styles. Some products need to be ordered if a SAS outlet is out of stock. Hence, this is why Amazon is the best place to buy SAS shoes online because it is the one who has almost all products within a click from your finger. Besides, there are two main reasons to buy from Amazon which is the security and guarantee for your purchase. Amazon secures your personal information such as credit card information with their secure server. On the other hand, Amazon guarantees your purchase. If you are unsatisfied with a purchase you can claim it back through Amazon. Other than that, if you have a valid discount coupon, you can use it during your check out to enjoy a lower price. Last one thing not to be missed, Amazon SAS store has more than 200 products and styles for you to choose. Click on the image below to read reviews for each product available on sales and you can buy it with just a click away.

amazon sas shoes online

eBay SAS Shoes

eBay is a great place to buy many things online especially eBay fashion outlet because it offers up to 65% discount. Unfortunately, there is always no discount for SAS shoes. However, when you search for SAS shoes in eBay, there are at least over 4,000 products appear. Any shoe models available in SAS catalog is usually available in eBay store. This is really something good because you have a huge range to choose one you like and stand a chance to bid for a pair of SAS shoes from as low as $1. Regardless of your location, eBay’s vendor will send the shoe to your doorstep. Shipping fees are free for some product depending on your location.

sas shoes

Although there are many SAS shoes available on eBay, they are often used. The biggest problem of buying used shoes is that it is not easy to find the right size. Also, it is difficult to check the sole for wear and tear. Many people don’t like the idea of wearing used shoes because of hygienic issues too. That’s the problem of buying used SAS shoes from eBay but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a brand new one.